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Our story
Our story


East Group founded East Grain Hungary Kft. in order to strengthen its presence in Hungary. The company, which initially only provided brokerage services, quickly became known both in Hungary as well as internationally. Today, the company deals not only with grain and oilseed trading, but also with the distribution of feed materials.


From 2019, the product range of East Grain Hungary Kft. was expanded, and a more significant feed raw material trade began. The company has an ever increasing large market base both domestically and abroad. Over the years, the company has proven itself both on the market and to the banks, so constantly growing financial frameworks help in further development and expansion.


East Grain Hungary Kft. has become a major player in both the Hungarian and foreign markets in the 5th year following its establishment, thanks to the significantly increasing turnover every year.

A one-person company at the start, it expanded with a professional team of 10people, which justified the expansion of the office.

With its turnover exceeding 150,000 tons, it has built up a significant network of contacts among mills, feed mixers, grain and oilseed processors, and traders. The support of nearly 100 Hungarian and over 50 international partners, as well as the parent company, was and still is a reliable back ground for the company's further development.

Our Team

Our highly skilled, dedicated team is committed to the following values:

Compliance with standards
Customer satisfaction
Quality of work

We strive for sustainable growth

Modern technologies

In the company group's rented warehouses, we use the most modern technology available in the industry, and we consider economic efficiency and energy efficiency equally important in our operations.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

Our logistics company belonging to the company group - East Cargolog - performs logistics services following the strictest EU standards, paying particular attention tor educing carbon dioxide emissions. By organizing return transports, we can reduce the harmful emissions per ton even more. In the case of large quantities of goods, we also use rail transport solutions.